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PLAYMOBIL 70897 Lounge with Fireplace

PLAYMOBIL 70897 Lounge with Fireplace

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PLAYMOBIL 70897 Lounge with Fireplace


Lovingly furnished lounge with fireplace with a PLAYMOBIL figure, armchair, book, newspaper, dog and fireplace to heat up.


The grandfather enjoys the quiet evening hours reading in the lounge by the fireplace. While the fire crackles comfortably, he puts his feet up on the stool and opens the newspaper. His faithful dog makes himself comfortable in front of the warm fire. Once all the news of the day has been studied, an exciting book lies ready on the table. If it gets late, the logs can be used to reheat the fire. A lovingly designed toy with many details ideal to play with individually or to furnish the large Victorian Dollhouse. The play figure set contains a PLAYMOBIL figure, a dog, a wing chair, a fireplace, a table, newspaper and book and many other extras.


Additional Information

Figures: 1 man; Animals: 1 dog; Accessories: 1 wing chair, 1 footstool, 1 fireplace, 1 carpet, 1 book, 1 glass, 1 small table, 1 picture, 1 stack of books with bookends, 1 bellows, 1 newspaper, 1 stack of logs, 2 slippers, 1 candlestick, 1 fireplace set;



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