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PLAYMOBIL 70806 Forest Fairy with Soul Animal

PLAYMOBIL 70806 Forest Fairy with Soul Animal

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HK$259.00 一般價格

PLAYMOBIL 70806 Forest Fairy with Soul Animal


Forest Fairy with soul animal and accessories for animal care.


In the magical fairy forest, the enchanting fairies and their soul animals live in perfect harmony. The Forest Fairy has a very special stag by her side as her soul animal. Not only the fairy, but also the beautiful butterfly loves this stag and sits happily on its proud antlers. No wonder, after all, the fairy has decorated the antlers with many blossoms. If her darling is injured, the forest fairy provides it with leaf bandages and gives it fresh hay to eat. Thanks to her care and the magical fairy powers, her companion will be healthy again in no time. The playset contains a Forest Fairy with a deer soul animal, a butterfly, flowers to pin on, a basket with care accessories and many other magical extras. The leaf skirt and the bracelets can be removed.




    This item is a PRE-ORDER STOCK which may take 15-20 DAYS to our store or for delivery after order confirmation.

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