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PLAYMOBIL 70775 Customs Check

PLAYMOBIL 70775 Customs Check

庫存單位: 4008789707758
HK$199.00 一般價格

PLAYMOBIL 70775 Customs Check


Includes heavy duty pallet and freight.


Of course, everything has to be in order at the port. Customs control therefore checks all the goods that have arrived and releases them for onward transport. With so much incoming goods every day, there is a lot to do. The customs officer is checking a shipment of fish. Everything looks fine here. But what is this? Suddenly, a large spider jumps out of a pineapple crate. Oh horror - the blind animal passenger makes a hasty getaway. The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a heavy duty pallet, a spider, four lobsters, four herrings, a mesh box, pineapples, a suitcase and many other extras.




    This item is a PRE-ORDER STOCK which may take 15-20 DAYS to our store or for delivery after order confirmation.

  • Product Instruction 産品說明書

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