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PLAYMOBIL 70375 My Supermarket

PLAYMOBIL 70375 My Supermarket

庫存單位: 4008789703750

PLAYMOBIL 70375 My Supermarket


In your supermarket there is everything for everyday needs: fruit, drinks, sweets and much more. With stackable shopping baskets. Incl. Stickers for individual design. Can be combined with all "My little town" buildings: "My town house" (item no. 70014), "My favorite café" (item no. 70015), "My flower shop" (item no. 70016), "My trendy boutique "(Item No. 70017) and" My hair salon "(Item No. 70376). Dimensions: 26 x 33 x 21 cm (LxDxH).


Can be combined with:
70014 My town house
70015 My favorite café 
70016 My flower shop
70017 My trend boutique 
70376 My hair salon


Shopping is fun! The PLAYMOBIL supermarket has everything for everyday needs. Whether fruit, vegetables, drinks or sweets, there is sure to be something delicious to eat and drink for young and old. Fresh cucumbers, cauliflower, carrots and peppers attract customers in the vegetable baskets in front of the shop. Inside, the shelves are packed with the best food at an affordable price. Why not surprise your girlfriend with a red rose today, she will be happy. The "My supermarket" play set consists of two PLAYMOBIL figures, a shop building with a counter, cash register scales and shelves, stackable shopping baskets, various types of fruit and vegetables, beverage cartons and many other extras. The stickers on the included sticker sheet can be reused. My supermarket play set


Figures: 1 woman, 1 man 
Accessories: 1 supermarket, 1 counter with cash scale, 1 shelf, 3 shelf cubes, 2 boxes, 2 box holders, 2 bowls, 2 boxes, 2 shopping baskets, 1 drinks box, 6 bottles, 1 bucket with handle, 1 Buckets, 2 price tags, 1 egg box, 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, 1 cabbage, 1 paprika, 1 baguette, 2 newspapers, 2 cucumber glasses, 2 jam glasses, 2 cans of ravioli, 2 fish cans, 2 orange juice bags, 2 apple juice bags, 2 milk cartons, 4 candy packaging , 2 flour bags, 1 bouquet, 4 roses, 1 rose bloom, 3 apples, 1 cap, 1 dress (2 pieces), 1 sticker sheet with reusable stickers

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